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We offer a white label service where you can purchase activations codes for resale or use in your organisation.

With it we will give you an iframe that you can place on your own website through which your users can sign up without leaving your site and we work with you to create custom welcome emails for any clients using your activation code.

Each activation code is valid for Unlimited Backup Space for up to 10 devices.

How much does it cost?

We charge £5 per code and require that a minimum of 100 codes be purchased at a time.

For bulk pricing, please contact us directly for the best price

Special Offer

With a first purchase of over 50 codes we will also give you an account with Unlimited Backup Space for Unlimited Devices.

See it in action

Below are screenshots of a custom email and the iframe embedded in a client's website:

Click on the thumbnails below to see screenshots:

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