Why Us?

Safe, secure and flexible
CloudElephant.com is a leading cloud backup company offering a wide and varied range of cloud solutions - as your needs expand; our products will be there to help you.
Backup your computers, access your files from the web, use SyncDrive to sync files across multiple computers, access files on your mobile and much, much more. CloudElephant.com are proud to offer one of the broadest range of services available.

Great products, competitive pricing
CloudElephant.com offer great cloud backup and sharing solutions at competitive prices. Something to bear in mind when choosing an online backup provider is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Some providers offer "free" or very cheap backup services - there are usually catches and would you really want to backup your invaluable files to a "free" service? You get what you pay for with CloudElephant.com - secure backups, good levels of service and a robust infrastructure, all for a reasonable price.