What is Cloud Backup?

So, what is cloud backup and how does it work?

It's simple. Cloud backup allows you to securely backup all of your data to an online environment. If the worst should happen and your computer stops working or is stolen, you can restore your files to another computer from your online backup.

Do I have to backup every day?

The software is designed to backup on an on-going basis. Once you have chosen which files you wish to backup, CloudElephant.com works away in the background whilst you are working, constantly backing up your files - you don't have to do anything.

How do I backup multiple PC's

Easy. Just download the backup application to each of the PC's and choose the files you wish to backup. That's it.

What if I delete a file from my computer by mistake?

No problem. CloudElephant.com keeps copies of deleted files for 30 days, so if you delete a file and then decide next week that, actually, you would like to keep it, you can easily restore it from CloudElephant.com

Arrgghh! I have saved over a file by mistake!

Don't worry. CloudElephant.com keeps up to 30 versions of your file so you can revert to an older version.