Cloud Backup - Business Backup

Business Backup
Unlimited Online Cloud Backup

For only $159.95 annually.
Backup all of your files; choose from 5 devices to unlimited devices all with unlimited online backup storage.

Unlimited Space - Backup up to unlimited PC's

With unlimited online backup space you can backup all of your documents, files, movies, pictures and music. You can backup from up to unlimited PC's and have all the data available in one central location in the Cloud. And it couldn't be simpler - does the work in the background whilst you are working. Your files are backed up automatically.

Automatic Backup - always backing up without you knowing it

With Business Backup working away in the background, you don't need to worry about remembering to back up, it just happens. And with unlimited online backup storage space, you can backup multiple PC's - your desktop, your laptop, your notebook - it's your space to use how you want.

Military grade protection for your files

All of your files are encrypted which means that not only are they secure, but they are also kept completely private. Only you can see them. Your files are totally safe and you can access them at anytime you like.

Add SyncDrive to your account

With Business Backup, you are able to add a SyncDrive to your account for only $80 per year*. A SyncDrive is like a virtual hard drive on your PC. You can put your SyncDrive on as many PC's as you like. This enables you to share files across multiple PC's. SyncDrive also synchronises your files across all of your PC's - so if you pop a video on your SyncDrive at home, it will be available on your SyncDrive at work. You can even access files in your SyncDrive through a browser on a PC that doesn't have your SyncDrive on it!
You can even use SyncDrive to synchronise files between a PC and a Mac.

Upgrade to NAS Backup

You can upgrade your Backup and Share Pro account at any point to include backup for a NAS device for only $99.95 per year.


  • Unlimited online backup space
  • Backup up to unlimited PC's
  • Simple to use and install
  • View your files anywhere
  • Stream media on any device
  • Files encrypted
  • SyncDrive *512GB, 1TB or 2TB Upgrade
  • Add a NAS device to your account
  • Only $159.95 per year

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