Cloud Backup - SyncDrive Features

SyncDrive from

SyncDrive is a personal storage device accessible anywhere online or through your mobile. Sync your files between PC's or MAC's.

Your files - available on all your computers

SyncDrive is a virtual drive that appears as a new drive or storage device on your PC or MAC. It works just like any other hard drive, so you can drag, drop and create folders the same as any other hard drive. You can store any files on SyncDrive and they are available on all your computers - so your files are always available wherever you are.

On the web and on your mobile

You can access your files at any time through a web browser or through your mobile phone. You can stream music and movies too - it could be your complete mobile media library.

Sync and share

Sharing files is easy and you can share publicly or privately. Want to share just one file with someone - no problem - an email and password will be emailed to them to access it. Share files with friends, colleagues or workmates. We will give you your
own sub-domain where you can provide access for people to share your files if you wish ( It's easy with SyncDrive.

Huge capacity - infinitely expandable

SyncDrives come with a vast 512GB of space - but if you need even more, you can add more at anytime.