Cloud Backup Features

Backup from
Backup from backs up all of your files online, securely and quickly. You can backup your PC or MAC with the peace of mind that you can restore any file at any point.

Massive storage capacity
Choose from 20GB for 1 PC (Backup), 100GB for up to 5 PC's (Backup Pro), Unlimited capacity for up to 10 PC's (Backup Ultimate) or Unlimited Capacity for up to 20 PC's with a 512GB SyncDrive (Backup & Share Pro).

Backup securely without the effort
By working away in the background, Backup secures your files as you are working. It's simple to use and easy to restore. You don't need any technical knowledge to use Backup.

Absolute peace of mind
Your files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption, so you files are both safe and secure. Only you can see your files - no one else can access them.

Access files anywhere, with almost any device!
You can access your files through a web browser at any time using a PC, a MAC, a tablet or a mobile phone. There are apps for both iPhone and Android devices.