Cloud Backup - Collaboration

Online Collaboration with

SyncDrive is like having a shared network drive and makes online collaboration easy. All of the same files can be viewed and accessed on any of your computers.

Share, collaborate, hot desk

Because the SyncDrive is available on any computer, you can hotdesk between PC's and still have access to your files. You can work on the same files as your colleagues and see who has changed what and when.

Working as a team

You can give every employee their own private space on the SyncDrive. You can even create team folders so that groups of employees can work on certain documents together.

Sharing outside your network

But what if you need to share a file with a company outside your network? No problem. By giving you your own sub domain (, you are able to share individual files with people that you don't want to give full access to - they will receive a secure link to the file and will have no access to other files.

Why Email when you can SyncDrive?

Need to send a large file to a number of people? Rather than emailing it, simply put the file on your SyncDrive and then give the people you want to view it access. Simple.

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