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Your data is valuable and often irreplaceable. Not backing up your data is like writing a 400 page essay and only saving it when you get to the last page. Very risky! Using any online backup service from is simple to setup and use. Once you have chosen the files you wish to backup, works away in the background uploading your files to the servers. Anytime you change a file, backs it up. Simple.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up to, you will need to download the backup agent to each of the PC's you wish to backup. Then, select the files for backing up on each PC. That's it. The backups on all of the PC's will then automatically start and continually work in the background. The main account holder will have the control panel and can see each of the PC's that have been backed up and access the files.


Each of your files are encrypted as they are uploaded to the backup servers. AES-256 military grade encryption is used ensuring the highest protection for your files.


SyncDrive is like a virtual drive accessible from any of your PC's. Imagine having a hard drive that when you save a file to it on your home PC, it is available on your work PC, or on your tablet, or even your phone. This is SyncDrive. SyncDrive appears as another storage drive on your PC and you can edit or save documents to the drive from any computer that you have the drive on. You can even Sync documents between a MAC and a PC. *Only available on Backup Ultimate and Backup & Share Pro packages

NAS Backup*

With you can even backup a NAS storage device.
*Only available on Backup & Share Pro package

Mobile Phones also features access to your files from a mobile device. There are apps for both the iPhone and Android phones. You can view your files, stream music and video and look at your pictures - all direct from your online PC backup.


SyncDrive can allow you can set up collaboration groups across your business. SyncDrive can allow access to groups of users and can record changes that each user makes to files and allow any user in the group to add new files. As SyncDrive is online, the users in each group can access SyncDrive from any PC in any location - even their mobile phone.
*Contact us directly to add collaboration


Of course, as with any software solution, support is paramount. We provide email support to all of our clients and promise to respond within 24 hours (though we usually respond on the same working day).

Product Comparison

Compare Online Backup solutions from

  • Online Backup Space
  • Number of PC's you can Backup
  • Access files from any web Browser
  • Upgrade to include SyncDrive
  • Access Files on a mobile phone
  • Access previous versions of a file
  • Restore Deleted Files
  • App for iPhone or Android
  • Upgrade to NAS Backup
  • AES-256 Encryption on Files
  • Works on Windows and MAC
  • Annual Cost